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Baby Nursery for Baby Girl #4

Scarlett is almost two, so I figure it's about time I post her nursery pics. I turned the room into my office a couple months ago, so now my little bundle of joy's baby room is just a sweet memory, and a beautiful place for me to work.
Having 4 kids has left me very little time or energy to do any blogging, but school is in full swing and my two higher maintenance girls are in school full day, so just maybe I can squeeze a little in.
When I was pregnant with my first baby, Penelope, we moved from Dallas to Tulsa and rented a condo until she was 9 months old. So, I never got to do a real nursery. I made her bedding, and she had everything for a nursery, but I was never able to paint or hang things, or make it a truly unique space. 
When I was pregnant with my second, Phoebe, Penelope was still an infant and I was working full time until I was put on bed rest around 5 months. That left zero time to do a nursery... I had a total freak out sad moment a few weeks before she was born and threw together a plan for her room, which consisted of a bedroom in a bag by Cocalo, it was super cute, probably the best room in the house at that point. But, it was still wasn't well thought out, it was just as nice as I could make it stuck laying down on my sofa 24 hours a day (and this was before you could buy everything amazing online).
Baby #3, Sophia, she's my poor hand-me-down child. We passed Phoebe's nursery right on over to her, zero changes.
When I found out we were having our 4th girl, I INSISTED on doing a nursery even if I didn't have room to put her in! We turned our office/playroom into a room for our sweet little baby Scarlett, and I did it exactly like I wanted. No bed in bag, no cheesy themes, just pretty. Our budget was pretty much non-existent, so I had to get creative. I did things in little bits at a time, used a lot of stuff I already had, and shopped for treasures/steals. I absolutely adore this room, and it's as sweet as she is!
My sweet friend Lauren Paull did our NB photos, it was a lifestyle shoot, she got some beautiful photos of the room. If you are in the Tulsa area, I highly recommend Lauren Paull Photography for hospital birth photos (will save that for another post), and newborn photos. She does a fabulous job with the more traditional baby poses, but I adore her lifestyle photography!

Cheers to all the Mommas of 4!


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