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Shoot It: Mamarazzi of Tulsa

Photography Workshop for Moms

My mom bought me a Canon T1i body & the 50mm 1:1.8 lens, two & a half years ago. I use the green box most of the time, occasionally I will venture into the flower, the portrait silhouette, or the guy running. But, I have never done anything in full manual mode. I tried reading the manual that came with the camera, & it made sense, then I put the pamphlet down & forgot everything. I should have taken this workshop years ago!

(I was lucky enough to win a seat by entering the maximum amount of times on Jenny Collier's blog giveaway!)

My auto shoot days are over, I am movin' on up to manual! Here are some of my favorite shots from today's workshop (these are NOT my kids, they are little models).

And, these are the lovely teachers, Ashley Thompson & Jenny Collier!
Ashley is a full time professional photographer, you can take a peek at her work, or schedule a session with her here: Ashely Thompson Photography. Jenny is a blogger & co-teaches the Mamarazzi class, you can take a peek into her life as a blogger here: Jenny Collier. I am luck enough to be friends with these girls, & they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

I highly recommend this workshop if you live in the Tulsa area & are wanting to step outside of the green box & learn to use that fancy camera of yours! You can find more info on their website Mamarazzi of Tulsa.


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