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The Fam: 1st Day of PreK

My Oldest Daughter is Officially in School!

Her first backpack selection was Hello Kitty, her first folder selection was Avengers, with that in tow, she has officially begun a quarter century worth of education.
She is going half days, which is only 2 hours & 4o minutes a day, but it still counts. I still have to get her up, try to talk her into the wearing the outfit I selected, get her teeth & hair brushed, get her fed, & out the door! The first week went surprisingly well, no hiccups. After the 1st day jitters were over, she was excited to go back.

 Her daddy took the morning off work, so he could walk her to her first day of class with me. She was hesitant to enter the classroom, she actually may have been the last one to go in.

She greeted her teacher, Mrs. Price, sat down to color, & we snuck out.
 Troy & I both had watery eyes as we pulled out of the parking lot... the reality that our little babies won't be little for long, is finally setting in.
When we picked her up, her teacher said she did great until the last few minutes & then she asked when she was going to get to see her mommy, & asked if they were going to get a snack. Mommy & food are her favorite things! She was too nervous to eat breakfast, so she was starving.
The night before school started a friend told me she couldn't wait to see pics of her with her cute little first day of school sign, I said "I don't have one", she said "print one off", I said "I'm out of ink"... Out of guilt, I made due last minute & pulled my chalkboard off the wall & made a quickie sign... keeping up with the suburban housewives;)
These are the answers I got as I asked her about her first day & week:
She played hopscotch
Her class has a sand table
She made a friend, his name is Eli, she's taking him a snack tomorrow
She didn't do anything
She went outside
She colored a smiley face
I am sure the answers will stay this vague for the next 14 or so years!


  1. Oh that Eli. :) She is too cute.

    Made me nearly tear up when you said that you and Troy had tears in your eyes.