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Five on Friday

This Week: Via Instagram


 Linking in for Five on Friday!!!
My phone is almost always full of pictures, so it won't let me take any more, I have discovered that if I open Instagram & take a pic, even if I don't post the pic to Instagram, it saves it in my camera roll. I've been doing this for a really long time, it saves the pics & my phone has yet to crash!

This is my top 5 favorite Instagram photos this week:

1.  Triple threat dentist app: All 3 girls had dentist appointments, it really went better than I expected. No cavities, but the baby did knock a front tooth loose, so we go back next week to see if it's still loose...

2. My FIRST raised garden harvest!!!! I planted my garden several weeks before our last freeze & it took about six weeks for my seeds to sprout, I now finally have some fruit. We planted a garden so our girls could sow & reap, & watch something grow, it's been a fun little journey.

3. The big girls love to walk & ride their bikes around our neighborhood pond by themselves, I think it makes them feel like big kids, cute.
4. They always have to try to bother each other just a little bit, sibling nature.
 5. Our friends own a skating rink, so we went to our first Roller Derby bout Sunday night, it was fun! This was the regional championship ,& Tulsa beat Chicago in the final round for the win. Nationals will be held in Tulsa this year, we plan on attending!


  1. coming over from darci's blog.... i have three girls, too! and i had to laugh - because my two big girls ALWAYS have to try to bother each other just a little, too. ;)

  2. Amy, thanks for stopping by! Little girls are the best:)