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DIY Gingerbread Man Kits

Homemade Gingerbread Cookies Packaged with Icing, Ready to Decorate

Christmas Gifts for Neighbor Kids

My neighbor Kathy Rogers gave our girls gingerbread men and icing one year and it was the most adorable, and sweetest little gift.  The girls and I decided to make our first batch of gingerbread this year, and thought we would share this fun treat with our younger neighborhood friends!  Baking is a huge Christmas tradition in our family, we do lot's of cooking the entire month of December, and we buy pounds and pounds of butter, sugar, and flour, and this is great addition to our festivities.

You can do little gingerbread men or big ones. You can fit 8 or so small cookies or 2 of the extra large cookies in a standard size plastic treat bag.  Add a little bag of frosting, that can double as a piping bag, and you have an instant kid gift.  It's a craft and snack all in one!

For reference: The gingerbread recipe we used made 4 extra large cookies and 20 small cookies.

Supplies needed:

A gingerbread recipe, I used this one- Gingerbread Man Recipe 
Store bought frosting
Gingerbread boy/girl cookie cutter- Cookie Cutters
Any treat bags (mine are from Party City) - Treat Bags
Bakers Twine or ribbon
DIY Gift Tags or any gift tags
Mini bags for frosting - Snip off a corner and use it as a piping bag

Merry Christmas to our Littler Friends!


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