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In the Kitchen- Pumpkin Cake Bites

3 Ingredient Mini Pumpkin Cupakes

I always use applesauce instead of oil when using boxed cake mixes, to cut down on the fat  content.  I have tried a few other things too, like Greek yogurt, and diet soda.  But, had not yet tried the boxed cake mix with a can of pumpkin puree, until now...
I was planning on taking cupcakes to a pre-trick or treating Halloween party at the Westfall's, when I realized I had the tiny list of ingredients to make the cupcakes a little more festive.  I used my Babycakes cupcake maker, because its fast and I don't have to wait for the oven to heat up.  I also like the size, they are a little larger that a standard mini cupcake, and they are come out really fluffy. 
It's so easy... you pre-heat the Babycakes machine for a few minutes, while you stir the cake mix and pumpkin puree, using a portion scoop, fill each cupcake holder, close the lid and set your timer for 6 minutes (I usually do 5 minutes, but these needed the extra minute).  You don't even have to use cooking spray!  Just use a small rubber spatula to pry them out.  Let them cool and top with sifted powdered sugar.  I sat them in standard size cupcake liners to dress them up a bit.
I loved them!  They are not very sweet, perfect for adults, but the kids weren't huge fans.  If you want the kids to eat them, you may need to add some cream cheese frosting.
I know this calls for boxed cake mix, but they are almost 50% pumpkin, so they are still a pretty smart choice... when compared to a traditional cupcake. 



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