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DIY- Homemade Play Dough

Cherry Kool Aid Play Dough

Quick, Non-Toxic Recipe that Smells Great

My 2 year olds preschool teacher has been making play dough and dying it the color of the week, and each time they play with it, it's the highlight of Sophia's week!  Everyday she tells me if Ms. Kerri gave her play dough or not.  Sometimes she brings a bag home and will play with it for a good hour or so at a time.  My 4 year old doesn't like the way it smells,and complains A LOT about it.  So, when I went looking for a homemade receip to make our own, I saw a Kool Aid dyed one, and I knew Phoebe wouldn't complain about the smell, in fact, I was afraid she might eat it because it smells so good! I found the recipe here:

It is a little softer than store bought Play-Doh, but we we're able to use it in almost all of our little molds & accessories.  The color was really vibrant, I suppose you could use half a package of Kool Aid to make a pastel shade. But made enough for me to give 3 littles a pretty good size chunk to play with.

Play Dough Recipe
1-1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 cup water
1-1/2 tablespoons canola oil
1 package Kool-Aid 

Mix other flour, salt, and Kool-Aid in a medium mixing bowl.  In a small sauce pan, bring water and vegetable oil to a boil.  Pour boiling water mixture into the bowl with the flour mixture.  Stir.  Knead for a couple minutes until the color and texture is smooth.  It will be hot, be careful!

This girl LOVES play dough, and she was the best little helper!



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