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DIY - Craft Storage Jars

DIY Craft Storage Jars

As a family of five we eat a lot of pickles, so I buy them by the bulk.  These are great jars, I always hate to throw them away.  I saved our last two along with a small Classico pizza sauce jar, which is also great looking.  I thought these would make excellent office & craft supply storage.  And, they were going in the trash, so it's green, right!?  Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle people. 
I recently bought two cans of gold spray paint & have been trying to figure out what in my house I can paint gold (I've painted a credenza & some iron candle sticks too).  I painted the lids to these guys & stuck them on my desk.  Voile, cute & efficient storage! 
 I cleaned the labels off the jars with hot water, Dawn dish soap, & a magic eraser. I sat the lids on an empty food container, so I could spray the under edge of the lid.


I have been slowly, I mean really slowly, trying to make myself an inspiring & uplifting home office space.  At this point it consists of a little white desk & an awesome Natuzzi sofa (& a bunch of kids toys, including a stage).  I have some floating shelves I want to hang, & a file cabinet I want to paint or cover in contact paper, & of course I want to clear out the kids stuff.  But, for now, it's what I have & I'm trying to make do. 

I thought these turned out super cute.  I think I will collect a few more & line a shelf with them! 


  1. Nice L-shaped office desk. It's a smaller than another brand that I have but nevertheless still decent