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Let's Party: Sweet Baby Girl Turned 2

Silhouette Favorite Things Party

 Sophia's Favorite Things:
Popcorn: black & white striped treat cartons filled with popcorn
Cookies- black polka dot treat bags filled with an assortment of cookies for guests to take home
Cake: chocolate chip banana silhouette birthday cake
Juice: apple juice boxes
Oranges: peeled mandarin oranges
Balloons: neighbor's young son who has his own balloon creature hourly biz
My AMAZING neighbor FrOsten's made the cake. It was what I was looking forward to most, & she did not disappoint!
I created her silhouette myself, I used this tutorial to do it. It was really simple, I took a snap shot of her with my phone, standing in front of a solid light colored wall, then opened it in PS Elements, used the magic wand to turn the background white, then selected all the white, hit select inverse & turned her little silhouette black with a paintbrush. The most time consuming part was zooming in & cleaning up the lines. I was so happy with it, I made silhouettes of my other two girls & gave them to the grandparents as Christmas gifts.
 I wrapped juice boxes in scrapbook paper, taped the back & hot glued on a mini silhouette that I cut with a scalloped hole punch. The larger hole punches are pretty pricey $15-30, but they are totally worth it & you can use it for years. The first couple birthday parties I did, I hand cut out a TON of little circles, it is difficult & entirely too time consuming!
Find the scalloped punch I used here.

Scoop your own popcorn station. 

 Cookie favors.
 Gold paper cups with the scalloped silhouettes hot glued on, topped off with adorable paper straws (that I HATE drinking out of).

 Our neighbor & favorite balloon guy! You have to admire young entrepreneurs!

 Dad rarely makes it into the birthday pics, but he's always here!

Sophia is our little wild woman, she is very funny & she loves to make us laugh! She extremely animated, & is a total cheese ball!

Thank you for the lovely birthday theme inspiration Jenny Collier!
Find her Favorite Things printables, including the invitation & bunting banner here.


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