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Lets Party: Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween + 3 Kids + Costumes = A Party

The girls were asked to model Halloween costumes a few weeks ago for a photographer friend's (Ashley Thompson) Mini Halloween session promo. We had not ordered their costumes yet, so we went through the dress up bin & found some costumes.
These were my favorite shots:

Ashley has a few openings for Halloween Mini sessions in Jenks, OK, if you are interested!

Then, their real costumes came in! We will be a family of GhostBusters this year (the husbands choice). We threw them on the girls & snapped a couple of phone pics:


  1. Too flipping cute!!! Your friend has talent, your girls are seriously adorable, and I LOVE the little Ghostbuster costumes!

    1. Thank you Jaclyn! Ashley is very talented, finding a beautiful shot in what seems mediocre, is her gift!
      My husband is SO excited about the Ghostbusters theme, it's cute;)