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Let's Party: Westfall's Tie the Knot

Picture Perfect Wedding

The ceremony backdrop, complete with the couples custom gold monogram.

The cake was TO DIE FOR, period. A lady that lives in our neighborhood made it, she works out of her home in Jenks, you can follow her on Faceboook under FrOSTEN's.
I LOVED throwing sequins on the bride & groom, so sparkly & pretty.

Sparkles in her hair.
The dinner tables were dressed beautifully. Each place setting was topped with a coaster that had a thank you note on the back. A local Italian restaurant, Andolini's catered the event, it was fabulous. 
The Menu:
Italian Salad
Meatballs with Marinara
Baked Ziti
Steamed Green Beans
Garlic Knots
The blushing bride. Ashley was stunning, even while eating! I mean, who looks good when they are eating!!!???
 The dinner table arrangement was a U shape, with the bride & groom in the center.

The toast was given by Ashley's cousin Gina.
 I took this photograph before the wedding started, so ignore the background. The cake looked so delicate & romantic, I can't get over it!

Guess who was first in line for the cake? The 6 & unders...
This is my littlest, she really likes frosting.
The flower girl looked like a little princess.
My sorority sisters, LIOB!
 My other half, with #2 & #3.

Now there are some good looking men! (I know they will appreciate that.)

The Collier's
Me with #2 & #3. My sweet girls.
 Hot stuff Harlan, rocking the red dress!

 The Hillman's sans kids. DATE NIGHT!

 Megan looking gorgeous as usual.

 The male wall flowers.

 Jenny & I.

Getting hot & sleepy after all that dancing. #2 has ditched her shoes, like we all want too!