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Styled Bar Cart on a Budget of $100

Styled Bar Cart on a Budget

All the shiny, shimmery, and reflective surfaces of a bar cart just make me happy. It's often less about functionality, and more about style. I mean how often are you really using a bar cart!? While I'm sure they get used occasionally, and probably more often in kid-less homes, they sure are sparkly!

I have a small empty wall in my breakfast nook area, connected to my great room, and thought it was the perfect spot for a bar cart, something not made of wood, I've got too much wood in my house right now, I need some more surface variation! I did some online shopping and found exactly what I wanted, but it wasn't going to be in the budget anytime soon. 

A couple weeks later, I was browsing through Tuesday Morning (currently my favorite store), and ran across this gold, mirrored tray table, for $49, SOLD! I shopped around for a few accessories to top it, I got a glass apothecary jar to hold paper straws for about $15, a small black and white ceramic bowl for lemons or corks, for less than $4, a white ceramic candle holder to hold bar tools, for about $7, and some fun printed cocktail recipe napkins in the clearance section for less than $2. I spent about $77 and had enough stuff make my little tray table look like a styled bar cart!

I raided our sparse liquor cabinet, and pulled out a few random, possibly empty bottles, that had a variation in color and shape. Found a set of glasses in my parents old bar cabinet, a set of glass coasters, bar tools, and a couple cocktail recipe books I had been gifted years ago. All of these old items were hidden in my pantry and cabinets, and now placed together with a few new items to tie them together, look brand new! 
Use what you've already got!



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