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Organic Banana Popsicles

Organic Banana Popsicles

 Amara baby food has introduced a new form of organic baby food to the Tulsa market! Reasor's has picked up their line of dried baby food, and it is unlike any other baby food out there. The unusual way it is prepared, helps it to maintain more vitamins and minerals than the standard from of cooking and canning, and the texture and flavor are nearly identical to a fresh made version. You simply open a pouch, and add breast milk, formula or water, stir, and BAM you have baby food. These will slip into a diaper bag taking up virtually no room.

I popped some into a popsicle mold and made an instant healthy snack for my little ones, find more info here: Moms of Tulsa
*These would be fabulous added to recipes, like my Mommy Milkshake!

I plan on posting some more recipes using these handy, healthy little packets, so keep an eye out. And, now that we are expecting a new baby, I foresee a lot of these in my future!!!



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