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Lets Party- 80's Halloween Bash

80's Costumes

We throw a big Halloween costume party every year, to celebrate Troy and I's dating anniversary, since we fell in love at a costume party.  This year, we have been together 18 years (insert wide eyed emoji)! 
I have decided I want to steer clear of the traditional spooky Halloween stuff and do themed parties instead.  This year we did an 80's theme and the costumes were AWESOME!!!  Or, should I say totally RAD!!!  Our friends really bought into it, and it was a blast.
Our extremely talented friend, Luke Becker, helped us create a photo backdrop with props.  The sweet Rubix Cubes and giant Nintendo controllers are his handy work.  The cubes are made out of square boxes, black electric tape and colored paper.  The controllers were made from a piece of scrap plywood, he painted them and used styrofoam for the three dimensional buttons, and he used foam core and neon poster board to make the records and cassette tapes.  We hung streamers from the ceiling using colored masking tape, and splatter painted plastic black tablecloths with neon craft paint.  The Polaroid prop was a large piece of white foam core.  We really thought balloons and streamers were key to 80's party decorating.  If it were only that simple nowadays!
Special thanks to my incredible neighbors who came over and helped hang endless amounts of streamers: Jenny, Sara, and Rebecca
And, thank you to everyone who came and made some great memories with us!!!
Here is a recap of the costumes:

I dressed my three little girls as the Strawberry Shortcake gang this year, so I went along with the theme.

 The Peasters were Princess Peach and Mario.  Super awesome!
My husband was Hulk Hogan, we completely made his costume from scratch.  No one recognized him...mission complete.
This is the Luke our stage craft guy, and his wife Kristin, they were Miss Piggy and the dude from Revenge of the Nerds.  Of course, he made his costume own costume.

The Yorks were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.  I have been wanting to dress up like this for years, we may have to borrow the costumes next year!

The Walters were Madonna and Brett Michaels, and they looked awesome!!!

My cousin Cheria and her husband Jake were Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell.
The Andrews and the Derns were a group costume and had a grand entranced as the A Team. (See above and below.)
Christy R. was a NKOTB fan and did not have to purchase a single item for her costume...because this is her in real life too!  Her husband Jorge was rocking the 80's blazer and hairband wig.
Leann and Shawnda were 80's chicks.

The Watkins were Top Gun and 80's chick.  They both looked fantastic, straight out of 1986!

Jenny's costume may have been my favorite, I couldn't look at her without laughing.  And, she actually looked good in the mom jeans!  Sticking her iPhone in her back pocket was challenging though, because the pockets came up to her waist, lol!

Boss Hog and Daisy Duke made an entrance in a car fit for the show.  They were a hit!
Melissa, Jenny, and Sara showing off their dance moves.
Mario, playing Mario Bros., classic.
And... Jeremy pulled off the best Where's Waldo, EVER!  You may notice him creeping in some other photos as well.  He was a hoot!
Let the Christmas Season begin!


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