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Rodan + Fields Launches Redefine Acute Care

Fill a Wrinkle While You Sleep,

No Needle Required

 Rodan + Fields launches Acute Care,
it's a new anti-aging breakthrough that...
  • Is not invasive
  • Has just 2 ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid & SH-Oliogopeptide-1, both of which are found naturally in your skin
  • It's a great alternative to fillers
  • It gives you results in as little as one use
  • It can help you fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needles required
  • It gives you lasting effects
  • It's a wrinkle warrior
  • It's EXCLUSIVE to Rodan + Fields
Purchase Here: Acute Care

I applied my first Acute Care patch to my 11's, this is what it looked like on (above).  The patch looks like a clear Band-Aid.  When you apply it, you press gently on it, no rubbing, there is sticky adhesive around the edge to secure it.  It feels like a little like Velcro when you press on it.  It is not painful at all.  The liquid cone technology allows the ingredients to melt into your skin, while you sleep.  It's very comfortable, you can hardly tell it's there!

Suggested Use: One month on, two months off (you can use a patch once a week in between treatments for maintenance).
You apply the patch every third night and wear it overnight, for one month, then take two months off.  Repeat the full treatment once a quarter.
These are the areas of the face that you can apply Redefine Acute Care:
Above upper lip
Smile lines
Crows feet area around your eyes
Below eyes
Here is a visual of what happens when you apply the patch:
Below is a video of before and after photos from the new breakthrough product:


A video from Nurse Mary Radford, RN, with a demo on how to use Redefine Acute Care:

Here are pictures from Rodan + Field consultants and their family members, after using Redefine Acute Care for two weeks or less!  To find more, search #WrinkleWarrior on Instagram, or follow me on Instagram, my username is ChristySquyres:
(Above) This is Lindsay Craige, she is on my personal Rodan + Fields team, she wore her Acute Care patch once, overnight!

(Above) After 4 uses of Acute Care in a 2 week period.

(Above) This is my personal one and two time use before and after's with Acute Care. I used one patch on my 11's, the stubborn lines in between my eyebrows, and saw a significant change!
(Above) After one use of Acute Care.

 This is the husband of a consultant on our team, his name is Randy Howell, he is a professional bass fisherman!

(Above) After one use of Acute Care.


(Above) After one use of Acute Care.

Rodan + Fields is an incredible company, and an amazing business opportunity!  Here are the top 10+1 reasons why I think Rodan + Fields is a smart choice:
  • Prestige brand
  • Uncontested market space with Acute Care, there is NOTHING like it
  • Proprietary products, they are ours
  • Not just about skincare, but personal and professional development, and community
  • Moving towards a billion dollar, one hundred year brand
  • No one has EVER entered into direct sales with a reputation like the Doctors have
  • Not a fad, skin care is for life
  • Everyone has skin
  • No selling, just sharing personal experiences and the amazing before and after photos that pour in everyday
  • The chance to build a global team as we open in new markets, starting soon
I would LOVE to share more about Redefine Acute Care, Rodan + Fields product line, or the business opportunity, please message below or email me at
To visit my website, click this link:


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