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Wild West: Cowboy Shoot

My Dad is totally into these Cowboy Shoots, so a couple months ago, we went to check it out.

Welcome to Tulsey Town Corral!
This is a gun club & all shooters are members of SASS. This gun club is for both women & men, & there are wild west apparel requirements (aka: dress up). If there are costumes involved, I'm sold!
 Let's set the stage: A wild west town, complete with a jail, a saloon, a general store, & a chapel. Shooters shoot through the windows of each of the staging areas. 
This an ongoing competition, scores are taken & tallied.
And, my Grandma is the number one shooter for her age division in the State of Oklahoma! Go Virginia!!! 

 This is my Dad (Gerald Beller), in a set up area, prepping his gun & getting approval from a fellow member. They shoot two single action pistols, one shot gun, & one leaver action or a pump rifle.
Grandma & Grandpa Bill, a handsome couple of gunslingers!

The main man.

 It's loud, there is lots of smoke & if you are standing close, you may feel some bullet powder burn. They use a soft lead bullet, so it flattens out on contact, but there is still some bullet fragment projection.

Troy decided to give it a try, so Dad gave him pistol shooting 101.

 Grandpa Bill & Uncle Kenny.
 Dad's cowboy nickname is Rowdy, he's the camp cook. He prepares lunch every other Saturday for their shoots, to raise money for the upkeep of their 'town'.

Dad & his mother-in-law, looking spiffy.
These cowboy shoots have become a family event! I got in on the action too, but no one knows how to use my camera, so there are no good shots. It was fun, we will go & partake again! Thanks for letting me wear your holster Grandma, & thanks for the shooting lessons Dad & Bill!!!


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