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Life: Coffee, Swim Party, & Tortellini Soup

The Best Coffee EVER:

Gevalia Kaffe House Blend

I purchased this coffee about a year ago at a nearby grocery store, only because there was a $1.00 off coupon sitting next to it.  BEST coffee I have ever had.  It may even be better than Starbucks Breakfast Blend, which has been my favorite for years. The flavor of Gevalia is so rich & nutty, but still smooth and non-acidic.  You can buy it almost anywhere, even Walgreens. 
Try adding International Delight Carmel Macchiato Fat Free Creamer to it, tastes like a ROASTED MARSHMALLOW, SERIOUSLY!
Do it, get some, enjoy it! 
Buy it here:

My Sweet 3 Year Old Turned 4!

 She shares the birth month of March with me. It's my favorite, bi-polar weather month of the year!  She had a swim party at LIFETIME.  I did very little planning for the party, three kids with birthday parties in a 27 day span, is just more than my party planning brain has room for!  I booked it a week in advance, texted invites, and we had a party!
There was 45 minutes of gym activities, 30 minutes of cake, pizza and drinks, and  then 45 minutes of swimming.  We had a great turnout, especially considering it was pretty last minute.  I think all the kids had a great time, I know my sweet girl loved it.  When we left we asked her what her favorite part of the party was, she said "When they sang happy birthday", with a sweet grin.  There is a middle child for you, just happy to get a little attention!
Since we (I) didn't do any planning, our neighborhood cake lady was already booked.  So, Aunt Jen called in a favor to her favorite Dallas bakery, Society Bakery, and we had a fantastic cake, after a 4 hour drive!  A vanilla cake with Italian Cream filling and butter cream frosting, decorated with blue and orange chevron, and blue and white pool rings.  
They make the most moist cakes I have ever had, and their fillings are to die for.  A couple years ago, they made a chocolate chip banana cake with chocolate frosting for the girls circus birthday party, it was possibly the best cake I have ever had!
(I only put 3 candles on the cake, luckily someone realized it, so I added another after I took this photo...oops!)

We stopped by Party City on the way to the party and picked up some giant balloons, and some candy and bags to make fish bowl party favors.  After the initial guilt of not putting my all into her party, I felt pretty good about it!

 This was the year of crafts and art supplies!  She is very creative, she loves to paint and draw, and she loves color.  These little make your own Russian Dolls, were one of my personal favorites, I enjoyed getting to work on them with her.  We turned it into a little mommy daughter bonding time.

Slow Cooker

Roasted Chicken & Tortellini Soup

I pinned this recipe on Pinterest a long time ago, there is no link, just a photo and the recipe written in the comments.  We had several events scheduled today, so I thought it was a great recipe that I could dump in the slow cooker with very little prep...and it was!
Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken & Tortellini Soup

1- Can Cannellini Beans
1- Cream of Chicken Soup (I used the 'healthier' can, but will use 2 cans next time)
1- Package Pesto Sauce Mix (It called for Pesto Alfredo Packet, but I couldn't find it)
1- Package Cheese Tortellini (It called for spinach and cheese, I could only find cheese)
1- Rotisserie Chicken from the deli, pulled & shredded (I used the Savory flavor)
8- Cups of Chicken Stock (I used Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Place all ingredients in a slow cooker, cook on low for 2-4 hours.  IT'S THAT EASY! And, my husband loved it and he rarely likes soups. 



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