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Let's Party: Halloween Costume Party 2013

Costume Party Minus Kids

Re-living our college date party's, one Halloween at a time!

"WHO YOU GONNA CALL?" The Squyres, of course! This my husband (& me), the costumes were a brilliant idea he & his BFF Becker had. Becker spent several months constructing the Proton Pack & Slime Pack, out of Styrofoam, coke bottles, & other random pieces of plastic & wire from the hardware store. I think he did an incredible job, & obviously has entirely too much free time on his hands!

The Spooky House Tour:

Stole this cute little chalkboard spidey inspiration from Pinterest. I free handed it to save time & thought it turned out great!
Found a bag of little mini plastic skulls at the Dollar Tree & popped them into this guy.
We bought a HUGE black tarp at the hardware store 5 years ago to decorate for a Halloween party, & we've used it every year since. It was about $10, that's a lot of bang for your buck! We cut it in to 4 large sections, then cut strips in it, leaving about 6" at the top, then tacked them above our hall entrances & around our back patio.

 We covered all our credenzas & cabinets with spider webs, also a super cheap decoration, that you can re-use! This is my entry table, it sits across from my dining table (see below). 
 The china hutch, was also covered in spider webs & giant spiders. I bought a roll of black & white chevron wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby & used it as table covers throughout the house. It was so easy to clean up, you just roll it up & trash it! The orange tissue paper pom poms were also from Hobby Lobby, I found them in the themed birthday party decoration isle.


Ashley brought this cake, she had used it in a Halloween photo-shoot earlier in the day. I added some plastic rats to take it from toddler cute to super spooky. I don't have a cake stand, so I flipped a trifle bowl upside down & filled the bottom with green spider webs & more plastic creatures.
FrOSTEN's made the cake. She is AMAZING, & her work always blows me away! I can not wait for her to do my little one's 2nd birthday cake in January!!!
We filled these paper party cups with 6 layer dip. Pretty genius if I don't say so myself! We layered fat free re-fried beans, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheddar, green onions, & black olives. Anything pre-portioned always goes over well!
There is never too much guacamole, plus it's green & works well with the theme! We got this ginormous martini glass as a wedding gift (9 years ago) & just discovered it makes a great serving piece.
We fill this glass skull head vodka bottle with water & use it a table decoration. I stuck a glow stick in it this year (which didn't really work like I wanted it to), we have put orange food coloring in it before.
 My mantle.

I stuck as many cheap plastic skulls in glass vases as I could, so simple!

My husband got these dry ice holders years ago & this is the first time we've used them, they were so much fun! You put a tiny chunk of dry ice into a little plastic capsule & drop it into your drink, & you beverage bubbles & smokes- COOL!

The Costumes:

 Alice & Mad Hatter are always my favorite costumes!

(And another photo bomb, thanks Aaron!)
 Witch & bank robber:)

The GhostBusters crew, complete with Slimer & the Statue of Liberty!

 My dad totally photo bombed Court & Jenny!
The tourists, Ryan & Alison always have creative costumes!
We had a great time, thank you friends for being such good sports!


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