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Five on Friday: The State Fair

Linking in for 5 on Friday!

1. The big girls won a gold fish! Well, they didn't actually win, but the Hispanic lady working the booth must have thought they were cute enough for a prize! While no ping pong balls actually made it into a fish bowl, they still had fun. The name choices for the fish were Fishey & Baby Fish. Mom made the call to go with Tish the Fish, because #2 can not remember her preschool teachers name (Tish), she keeps telling me her teacher is #1's teacher & TA, Mrs. Price or Ms. Tammy... she's never even seen those women, she just wants to be just like her big sissy!
Sad to report, Tish the Fish lasted 24 hours before she met porcelain god...
2. Fair souvenirs! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED a set of Russian stacking dolls. And, what do we do when we don't get things as children...we buy them for our children, whether they want them or not! By golly you are gonna love these dolls, girls!
3. We didn't get the pumpkin at the fair, but fairs & pumpkins go hand in hand. We picked up our first pumpkin of the year, she's a beauty!

4. I did not get my rings cleaned at the fair, but I did get my boots cleaned!  
 I was in the MIO (Made in Oklahoma) building & a gentlemen stopped my & the girls because we were all wearing cowboy boots, & offered to shine our boots. All of our boots were looking a little shabby, so I took advantage of the offer. I was TOTALLY impressed! It didn't feel greasy & they looked fantastic immediately! It was $25 for a tub, the man said it would last about 400 cleanings & was equivalent to hand lotion for leather. I came home & cleaned several pairs of my husbands dress shoes & my boots. Here is a before & after pic of one pair, don't they look GREAT!!!? Excellent purchase!
Get it here:
Leather Balsam Cleaner Conditioner Waterproofer 50ml / 2oz

5. I don't usually buy stuff like this, but it smelled amazing & it's almost sick season, so the Pacific Sea Spa Salt in Peppermint by Salt Soothers was irresistible!

Get it here!


  1. Those poor fair fishies never survive.....btw your boots look AMAZING! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Jaclyn! And, thanks for stopping by!!!