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DIY Gift Tags from Paint Samples

Paint Sample Gift Tags

Okay, I've seen a few things floating around out there using paint chips for art, and party decor, etc.  None of which I've ever actually done.  But, today  I ran out of all the cute gift tags I bought for Christmas gifts and decided to pull out my tag shaped hole punch and make a few out of some scraps of scrapbook paper and card stock.  As I was cleaning my counter off to make room for this simple task, I started to put some paint samples (that I picked up at Sherwin Williams this week), in my junk drawer, when I realized they were the perfect size to fit in the hole punch.  So I grabbed a handfull of paint samples out of that handy junk drawer... and, there was born, a stack of cute free gift tags!

While I got my hole punch at a garage sale (score!), you can find one here: Tag Hole Punch
Get one, you may never buy a gift tag again!

You will need a regular hole punch too, not all the tag punches have holes in them.  You will also need some twine, yarn, or ribbon to attach your little crafty tag.